Every year thousands of desperate Cuban citizens risk everything for a taste of freedom and a chance at a better life in the United States.  Embarking on a treacherous 90 mile journey through a corridor of shark infested waters, these brave souls place all of their hopes on homemade rafts built with whatever raw materials they can get their hands on.

Based on true events, Exile is a heart-wrenching action drama. The exhilarating story of a group of Cuban rafters, told from the perspective of 12 year-old Cuban boy, Tito Mendez, his father, Guillermo, and the rest of their family, Exile features moments of raw emotional impact, high tension, and pulse quickening action, weaving several strands of story together that culminate in the thrilling and dangerous crossing of the 90 mile gap between Cuba and the United States.

When the Mendez family's eldest son, in an attempt to ease his father's worsening asthma, is caught in possession of a stolen ventilating machine (a nebulizer) and arrested by the government, the family is forced into extreme measures. Tito's father, Guillermo, a proud ex-police officer, feels he is left with no choice but to free his imprisoned eldest son, build a makeshift raft for his family to flee Cuba and undertake the harrowing journey to the United States.

With the help of some close friends, and using his knowledge, Guillermo plans his family's attempt to gain a better life. Tito wants to help, despite his father's resistance, and although his intentions are good, Tito's desire to impress Guillermo leads to more complications. However, the family manages to construct a raft by converting a old 50's era pick up truck into a floating platform, modifying the drive shaft to act as a propeller.

Guillermo bides his time, and when the moment is right he springs into action setting into motion events that may befall the entire family. In a daring night time raid, with no real weapons except Molotov cocktails and household tools, Guillermo and friends free Tito's brother while he's being transferred to a government prison.

Under the cover of darkness, the rafters converge on the beach. But something's gone wrong and the police have been alerted to the family's plans of escape. In a dramatic final push for the water, the rafters are forced to leave behind precious supplies lest they be caught and arrested. The rafters make it out to sea, but at what cost?

Exile will lure the viewer into a deep emotional involvement focusing on the common human experience; a son's hope for his father's affection, a father's love for his family, a family's hope for happiness, and the desire for a better life.